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—lululemon Immersion Invite

Welcome to the Immersion—a 5-day event hosted by lululemon that’s been known to leave an impact. Fifty influencers worldwide are whisked away to an unknown location for the experience of a lifetime. Think yoga with world-class ambassadors, personal development workshops, truly unique workout experiences, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded, passionate people away from it all. An event like this requires an invitation that also makes an impact. We were given the theme “You are your journey” and were tasked with creating an interactive, inspiring invite that demanded to be documented and shared by the heavy-hitters who would receive it.

Print‭ & Packaging
Art Direction
Art Direction - Pat Young
Design Lead - Janine Merkl
Copy -  Alex Soublière

The invitation we created was a journey of self-discovery in itself. Guests were prompted to dig deeper as a series of thought-provoking questions printed on nested envelopes revealed themselves one after another. We wanted to ensure time and consideration were given to each layer. The result? A truly personalized experience.

Visually, the minimalist textures and patterns were influenced by elements like water, echoing the feeling of jumping in to immerse fully. The black exterior wrap and envelope added mystery to the experience of receiving and opening the invitation. We carefully considered the layered colours inside to complement the event locations, and the center pin closed the occasion with a memorable takeaway. The result was a shareable, interactive invite experience.

This project won an RGD In-House Design Award in 2017.

©Janine Merkl